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Prestige Barn Doors

The team here at PBD are committed and dedicated to helping our clients; looking for a customised, modern yet elegant product that will add a beautiful and unique character to any home or business. We can custom make any style of door.

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About us

An Australian, family owned and operated business

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Owner and founder of prestige barn doors steve cotton has been a carpenter working on high end building projects for 10 years. Steve has also worked construction and custom fit outs for uspng building and takes joy in creating things with his hands.

Prestige barn doors has allowed him to expand on his creativity as he works with reclaimed materials and is where he truly lights up and really enjoys life. There is something really rewarding about taking old wood, bits of metal and other reclaimed materials, then enhancing and reshaping them to create something new and unique.

Installation for

GJ Gardener Homes

Types of Doors

Diverse Functionality

PBD offers two available series the Custom Series and Designer Series.
Choose from single panelled doors, double panelled doors, or even triple panelled doors, depending on the dimensional needs of your door opening. Your interior doors can run as a single panel along a single sliding track, diverge as bi-parting doors, bypass one another, or open as a set of interior shutters.

Herringbone Barn Door

The standard barn

In this system, a hanger is placed on either side of a single door panel, allowing it to run along a singular track.

Floraville Bi-Parting Project

The bi parting

Also featuring a single track, a bi-parting system includes double doors that diverge from one another and pass in front of the wall. Four hangers are used in this system so that both doors hang securely from the track.

Bypass Barn Door

The bypass system

Double or triple sliding barn doors run along two or more tracks, passing in front of and behind each other. Each door requires its own rolling door hardware kit with two hangers on each end of each panel.

Hinged Barn Door

The hinged barn

Not all our doors have the functionality to slide. Front doors, pantry doors and office spaces, to name a few, are most commonly a hinge system.

Custom Design Available!

It doesn’t matter the size or shape of your doorway, we can work wonders with it.

The Designer Series

Feature Doors

Do you want something more unique? Or maybe some frosted glass barn doors to brighten up a space or add character? The Custom Series features doors crafted from varied materials, such as the Aztec or Backwoods Barn Door. It combines the beauty of a unique, eye catching custom feature with the convenience of a barn door. All PBD interior and exterior barn doors are customisable, from door thickness and height to colour and finish..
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The Aztec Barn Door is a modern geometric design that is sure to add texture and eye grabbing personality to any room. This eye-catching pattern on this style of door is handmade by our skilled professionals. Customise the finish and size for a perfect fit in your home.

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The herringbone

Our Herringbone Barn Door types are the perfect fit for your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom doors. Adding unique style and sleek sophistication to any space.

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The Dutch Z Barn Door is made with durable wood slats, double Z overlays, and the best sliding barn door technology. The Z overlay helps provide both stability and charm to the door

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Our Full X Barn Door completely embraces the rugged look and durability that barn doors have to offer. The X pattern is used to strengthen construction and maintain form

Fittings & Finishes

Prestige Barn doors wants to be your go-to for barn door needs. Their wide variety of fittings and finishes will give you the opportunity to make a statement with your new barn door!

Custom Design Available!

It doesn’t matter the size or shape of your doorway, we can work wonders with it.

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