Medowie Double-sided Herringbone

Materials & Details: double sided herringbone, spotted gum timber, recess door handles cut by hand, top mounted rollers and hangars, soft close mechanism

This was an interesting project that present some challenges – in the future we will definitely have a unique process for this request.

Normally with a herringbone design, the design is anchored to a vertical panel design on the other side. In this case, the client wanted the herringbone design on both sides.

To do this, we had to use 8mm ply in between both designs and machined down the thickness of the spotted gum. This stops it from being flimsy and maintains the original door measurements. Each door weighed about 80kg each. The floor wasn’t level and so when the doors came together, there was a gap at the bottom of the opening. We couldn’t machine the doors, so we needed to adjust the outside rollers to give a slight uptilt in the middle to get the doors to position evenly and close flush.

The client loved it so much we are going to do further projects for them, and we nailed the double sided herringbone design for the first time!